Who is MAROA Enterprises and what do they do?

I’m Arlen Schif, and I make my home in Lincoln, Nebraska. After many years of working as an architect, I made the personal decision to make a radical change in career, starting an independent small business of my own. My simple goal is to develop useful, informative and targeted websites that offer solid information and relevant products to people who share some of my many interests. I am focusing on areas that perhaps are not of earth-moving importance, but that I believe make the world a better place, if only in a small way. It promises to be a modest but fulfilling vocation.

MAROA Enterprises was founded in the spring of 2002 to act as an umbrella company for a number of possible ventures I was considering. Basically, it is my legal name for tax and accounting purposes.

Breeze Chasers Online Kite Shop was launched in the spring of 2004. Breeze Chasers is my attempt to excite people about the simple pleasures found in getting out on a warm day and interacting with nature by sending beautiful kites up into the sky. Kites always turn heads and attract onlookers; they trigger a core emotion that speaks of the simple but important things in life - the laughter of children watching kites dance gently in the breeze, or the surge of adrenaline from taking the wind and other kite fliers on as a challenge. While it is currently in an early stage of implementation, the site will continue to grow in both content and products offered, and will develop into a useful resource for both enthusiasts and the general public.

And in case you are wondering exactly what a MAROA is, well there’s no real mystery here. Though I found it interesting that the name is shared by a town in Illinois, a  volcano in New Zealand, and both a fish and a tugboat in French Polynesia, MAROA is actually derived from the initials of my nieces' and nephew’s first names. It’s really just that simple.

Wishing you well, and thanks for visiting.

Arlen Schif

Mail: 2480 S 70th Street, Suite 7-153, Lincoln NE 68506 | Phone: 402.477.0794